Top 10 Paintings under $100 on Peddle Art (June Collection)

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It was with pleasure that our team selected the 10 best paintings that are for sale on Peddle Art for less than $100. We based our selection on the style of the painting, mediums and of course creativity! Of course there are many other paintings that are great and would have been worth sharing with you in this top ten, so feel free to browse on our platform and judge by yourself which ones are best! 

1. The Pink Sunset | By Nastya Baranova

2. On High | By Vinnym

3. Quiet Waves | By Tatiana

4.  Waterfall | By Nastya Baranova

5. Marilyn Monroe | By Damee

6. The Snow Sweeps the Sea | By Ann Bakhtina

7. Transplant | By Whitmanart

8. Two Rowing Boats | By Vidhi Arts

9. Abandoned Boat | By Deviant Pey

10. Buddha | By Dimpleh

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