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kevin vigil in the studio

It is an honour for Peddle Art to have the young artist Kevin Vigil selling his artworks on our platform.
We have interviewed him to have an idea of how he sees the Art World, his artworks but also himself.
Kevin Vigil, also known as Kre8 by his fans is a 35-year-old artist born in Germany and moved to the US after a while.
We had the chance to ask him a few questions. Here is the short interview:

What is your creative process like?
My creative process starts by manifesting the visions that I continuously see in my head over and over and over until I put them on a canvas.

How has your style changed over the years?
Well, I started going to feeding at the age of 15 and as we all know, a 15-year-old mind-set is not the same as a 30 years old one, or even 20. So over the years my styles have definitely defined themselves. I enjoy painting 2 to 3 different styles on a daily basis. I also love the bold colours of graffiti, which I integrate into my surrealism and contemporary art, which most of people know is abstract.

You mentioned once that you found your interest in art from Salvador Dali. Would you consider him as your favourite artist? If not, who is your favourite artist?
When I was about 23 years old, someone introduced me to Salvador Dali’s work and it was a big part of my art style transition. His work was so inspiring! I love the fact that “What you see is not always what you see”. The optical illusion created by your mind makes you see something that is actually not there but you are convinced that it is!

You used to do graffiti when you were 14 years old, do you still practice some graffiti art?
I am not an active graffiti artist anymore, however I still paint with spray paint on a daily basis. Even most of my contemporary Art has a mixed media background that contains spray paint.

You recently sold 9 pieces in an exposition, how did you find this opportunity and how did you feel when your collection sold out?
I first had a recent exposition in the City Hall of Miami Springs and sold one piece. Then a collector from Miami Springs Country Club approached me,. He wanted to show some of my work in their establishment. However, they liked my artworks so much that they ended up buying them.
I remember this exact time last year; I did an artwalk in Wynwood, Miami. Within an hour four of my portrait were sold to one man. I remember him saying “Kevin as soon I saw your work, I knew I was leaving with it!”

Where do you see yourself in the near future? (Within the next 5 years?)
Where do I see myself within the next 5 years? I would say all over the world and I have this image of me sitting in my own gallery and simply painting from sunrise to sunset.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?
The best way to describe myself would be with a picture, 1 picture says 1000 words, 3 is not enough. This is my message as an Artist “In the purity of obscure dwellings hidden and preserved from those who don’t understand waiting for those to will.”

Have a look at his artworks for sale here!

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