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interview of kalazmy

Kal azmy is a 34-year-old Visual and Performing artists born and living in England. The artist has seen his art exhibited by many local galleries over the past few years. Mostly selling his artworks privately or through art galleries, today Kal Azmy has not only gave us the time to ask him a few questions, he has also joined Peddle Art and listed some of his great creations for sale! Go have a look at his artworks for sale!

When and how did you find your first interests for art? 

Always been into making and creating things from a young age but found my creative 'talent' when studying Art GCSE at school.

What is your creative process like?

I absorb myself in creative efforts. Love every minute of the process, it's a creative journey where I have no preconceived idea of the end result.Ideas + Materials + Process + Quality  = Success outcome“the arrival home means very little; The journey means everything. A creative journey is the same.” “When you focus on the journey and not the arrival, then your art becomes more like a treasured artifact of the creative process. A painting, a poem, a sketch, or a piece of music that you’ve written becomes a record of your life.

Do you always do semi-abstract paintings? 

No! I have done lots of different styles e.g. Realistic life drawing, portraits throughout the years but feel the need of creating art to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality.

If yes please explain why?

So yes..... I enjoy exploring, expressing and creating art that promotes self awareness, compassion, well being and growth to meet with life's possibilities. Creating a higher quality of life and understanding of oneself.Drawing, sculpture, painting, music, writing and movement encourage deeper connection and balance between mind, body and the heart.  

What are your favourite mediums for painting?

Acrylic paint / Oil paint on canvas

What do you think of the Boom of the Online Art Market? Do you see it as an opportunity or a threat? Have you tried to take advantage of it?

I think it's great!I think it's a fantastic opportunity for artists to share, promote & to "get their work out there!"Yes I am definitely...... I will try any avenue to share my work with others!

If you would describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

COOL AS FUCK!!!! HahahaCreative, creative, creative

Where do you see yourself as a visual artist in the next 5 years?

Creating amazing artwork that is APPRECIATED by everyone!

You are also a musician how do you manage to do music and paint at the same time?

There's not enough hours in the day!I love them both and have the need to express myself through my artwork and playing guitar/singing/songwriting! I have generally flitted between them both but my recent body of work 'The Legends' brings the two together nicely.  While listening to musicians that inspire me e.g Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Chuck Berry etc I have created paintings as a homage to these inspirational music Legends in a semi abstract painting style that I like.

If you had to choose between Music or Visual Art, would you be able to make a decision? If yes, which one of them would it be?

it would never be a choice as long as I can do them both! I feel they are both a creative outlet that I need/ love to explore!   
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