1. Title & Description:

This is probably the most obvious one, yet many artists do not spend enough
time on choosing a good title and writing a nice description to their artworks.

The title should be short, eye catching and if possible something that people
would search for. For example if you are selling a painting of an eye and give
it a title such as “Mystery” or something else that has a “deep” meaning,
potential buyers might not even see it. With new artists joining the platform
everyday, categories are getting more and more crowded and most buyers will
simply search for art by using the search box and not just explore the
categories anymore. However, you can always balance it by writing a nice
description. First of all, we recommend every artist or seller to mention the
size and mediums in their description to avoid any confusion. Then try writing
a short story for your artwork or simply talk about the creative process you
went through. While doing so, be strategic and use words that people might
search for. Just like hashtags! You’re selling a photo of a sunset? Try
mentioning where you were when you took this photo, use the words “sun – sunset
– nature” and so on. It is always a plus to add how long it took you to create
an artwork.

2. Strategic Pricing:

Although Peddle Art has launched very recently, we have often seen artists
pricing their artworks way too high or even way too low! You might think that
pricing an artwork at a very low price may not be a problem but it can be. Some
buyers may be very sceptical and think that it is too good to be true and
therefore think it is a scam and not a serious offer and will look for
something else. So if you don’t know how to price your artwork take a few
minutes and look at what other artists are offering and for how much! Compare
the prices and try to choose an appropriate one for your work.

3. Share It, Share It and share it!

Facebookinstagramtwittertumblr, and so many other social medias that you
probably use on a daily basis are one of the best ways to help you sell your
art faster! Who knows you may actually have many fans that want to buy your
artworks but didn’t know you were selling them or were too lazy to ask about
the price … it happens!

So if your Biography on instagram is empty, let your followers know that you
are selling on Peddle Art and put the link to your profile if possible!  Post your links on Facebook! On twitter, talk
about it on tumblr! There are just so many ways you could do these things for

4. Good Quality Photos:

I am sure there is no need to talk about how important the visual aspect of
your artwork affects buyers … especially in the artistic world! Unfortunately
some artists do not take this into consideration. Your photos do not
necessarily need to be taken by professional photographers but still you should
spend some time and energy taking nice shots of your artwork. Place in a spot
with nice light, try not putting too many things around your artwork, take
pictures from different angles or you could even use tools that showcase your
work in rooms.

5. Advertise:

Almost all of the visitors that are on our website start on the home page!
Which means that most of them see the featured artworks and the artist of the
week! Appearing on the home page is getting more and more difficult since there
are more and more artworks on the platform, however you can directly purchase offers starting at $0.99 only and get yourself immediately on the home page! This is probably the most effective way to sell your art fast! These offers are available here or you can also contact us at support@peddle-art.com and get custom offers/packages for advertising.